We hope you are enjoying the server.  Your Rank-Up keeps SKrafty going and we appreciate you.  It allows us to continue the development, maintenance and support that keeps the server kid friendly.  

We have a RankUp room in HUB2 that shows all the abilities for each rank.  Sometimes the store might not be up to date with all the features.  Here is the list of features the ranks offer.

Ranks available:

JediMaster GameMaster Hulk Spiderman Princess

[rankname] playername

  • COLOChat in HUB2
  • /skull in Jungle Journey, Wild West, EZ2, and Planet SKrafty. - Players will be able to decorate their homes, shops, etc with their own and their friend’s heads. -- Trust me, this is standard and is not as creepy as it sounds. It’s like putting their picture on the wall.
  • /gamemode creative /gamemode survival in BigIdeas, JumboSized and Imaginethat2. - Players can switch from creative to survival and back in the Creative worlds.
  • 10 Homes Jungle Journey, Wild West, EZ2, Planet SKrafty, and Factions.
  • /list Everywhere. - Allows players to see who is playing on the same server as them.
  • Pets in HUBs
  • Color signs
  • 5 plots in Imaginethat2, BigIdeas
  • /Enderchest in Factions, Jungle Journey, Wild West, EZ2 and PlanetSKrafty
  • /flashlight on/off in Joungle Journey, Wild West, EZ2 and Planet SKrafty
  • Unlimited AFK (EVERYWHERE)
  • /Backpack Joungle Journey, Wild West, EZ2, Planet SKrafty
  • Creeper Clicker HUB game
  • /me command access
  • /near in nonpvp worlds

We are always adding more... Sometimes they aren't listed.


  • Batblaster

  • Paintballgun

  • Rocket

  • Partypopper

  • Discoball

  • Gravitystation

  • Flowerpopper

  • Dimensional TnT

  • Tornado

  • Axelauncher


  • circle

  • bloodhelix

  • cloud

  • snowcloud

  • lightningcloud

  • flame ring

  • green ring  

  • frostlord

  • spiral

  • lily


  • rabbit

  • irongolem

  • cow

  • villager

  • creeper

  • spider

  • wolf


  • frost

  • radioactive

  • chaotic

  • nyan


_ God Bless _
.: Superd767 :.